the dress code
created by adela, megan, and stefan.
featuring the phillips exeter academy community.
launched april 24, 2012.
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natasha’14, malaysia & max’14, ncwe loved natasha’s patterned dress, and max matched her well in his navy suit

gaby’15, pa & natalie’14, hong kong & lily’15, ma
gaby and lily brought color to Hoyt Tea in their jellyfish and flower patterned dresses, and natalie looked great in a white eyelet dress with a cool collar.

john ’14, me & katie’ 15, dc
this adorable couple looked great at Hoyt Tea! Katie’s lacy white dress was matched with simple accessories, and john tied his look together with a bow tie

misty’14, dubai
misty wore a galaxy-themed dressed and black platform shoes to Hoyt Tea.

anna’16, vt & nolan’17, tx
anna and nolan looked great together in shades of blue.

alejandro’17, tx & majestic’17, nv
always seen wearing cool shirts, alejandro rocked a blue ruffle shirt, and majestic looked majestic in her long black and maroon dress

mary claire’14, ma & margaret’15, nv
mary claire and margaret looked great in their pretty and springy dresses at Hoyt Tea.

noah’14, saudi arabia & tierra’16, nv
we love tierra’s symmetrically patterned dress! Also, note Noah’s alumni pin.

allie, ‘14, nh
this blue eyed blondie paired a white blouse with blue embroidery with some super cool accessories like her coin statement necklace as well as leather and silver bracelets

sabrina, ‘15, nh
this amazing singer rocks a bear-patterned dress and a cool satchel.