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launched april 24, 2012.
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brandon, ‘15, vt
simple and sophisticated, we loved brandon’s tie-blazer combo as well as his two toned shoes

mia, ‘15, ny
mia impressed us with her new do and black pantsuit for senior - alumni dinner. we loved the added touch of cheetah sandals as well

sabrina, ‘15, az
this senior’s event outfit was both elegant and fun. we loved her bright skirt and bold printed jacket. her pearl necklace, black tights and gold clutch were classy touches that kept her looking sophisticated and cool.

abby, ‘15, nh
this soccer star donned an adorable printed dress for senior - alumni dinner last week with a beach scene on it giving us our last few moments of summer before the cold weather sets in

quincy ‘15, il
we liked the way this quirky character power clashed his patterns and coordinating with matching colors.

julia ‘17, nh
this horseback riding extraordinaire paired an edgy black leather skirt with lace tights and cool bracelets. her neutral shirt and shoes let her edgy pieces stand out.

antonio ‘16, brazil
this upper class rep rocked edgy black sneakers and bright red sunglasses that picked up the red stitching on his blazer

lauren, ‘17, mi
we loved the way lauren kept it cool with minimal colors accentuated with stripes and quilted textures.

henrietta, ‘17, ky
we were impressed with henrietta’s dynamic sweater that she paired simply with corduroys and a black bag.

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