the dress code
created by adela, megan, and stefan.
featuring the phillips exeter academy community.
launched april 24, 2012.
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conrad, ‘15, CA
real men wear pink! conrad embraces spring in its finest with a color blocked button down, madras tie, bright pink shorts, and some classic low-top converse.

shelby, ‘14, IA
this adorable senior just came back from term abroad in germany sporting black silk harem pants with a silk floral top and tan patent flats. she accessorized with sea foam green jewel earrings

eric, ‘14, korea
eric also goes with a korean theme, wearing a steel blue blazer with more vibrant blue pants and a red/blue striped tie

jackie, ‘14, korea
jackie matches korean pride with her outfit and flag, with a simple but chic getup.

nick, ‘14, NY
nick mixes business and comfort as he rocks a blazer, plaid shirt, and bright whale-embroidered pants, along with some fuzzy loafer slippers.

millie, ‘15, brazil
millie sports a denim chambray dress over a loose knit sweater, along with some baby blue socks peeking over doc marten boots.

julia, ‘15, austria
julia pairs a simple navy button-down well with a mind bending pleated skirt and some simple kicks.

alejandro, ‘17, 
alejandro’s attention grabbing patchwork shirt catches some eyes, as he goes for even more unique style with a red/blue striped bow tie and navy suspenders.